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Shell Oil & Energy

A mobile app that centralizes all the necessary information about a given piece of equipment.

4 weeks

Project Manager
Product Designer
Software Engineer
Software Architect

Our users

If you’re not already familiar, Shell employs over 100,000 people, many of whom are working on the frontline in refineries or oil rigs. They’re responsible for operating heavy machinery, transporting oil, monitoring equipment, and much more.
Shell persona.png

Their struggle

When it comes to potentially dangerous pieces of equipment, such as an electric generator or steam compressor, frontline workers must have a good understanding of what they’re interacting with. At Shell, manuals, maintenance reports, and other critical pieces of information are not centrally located or accessible on-the-go.
Problem statement 2.png

My team

This project was developed by an incubator division called Shell TechWorks. We specialized in creating rapid prototypes, so my priority was getting something to our stakeholder quickly.



We didn’t have the timeline to do in the field research, so I had to leverage my team’s expertise. Some of the folks on the team have been with Shell for nearly a decade, so they have good insights into what’s relevant for someone in the field.

Previous efforts

My team made a similar product in the past called “Digital Twin.” Rather than a single piece of equipment, it attempted to centralize the data of an entire facility. This included things like zone alerts, worker location, and equipment status. An initial user test showed promise, but it ultimately wasn’t successful. It required too much data upfront to be valuable, making adoption a big hurdle.
Instead, Squark focused only on equipment and key pieces of its data.
Digtial brain.png

Competitive analysis

To avoid the pitfalls of Digital Twin, I started with a small list of equipment details to capture:
Equipment ID
Live sensory data
Google Maps, Yelp, and others already have good designs for displaying this type of information. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Competitive analysis 1.png
(left to right) Google Maps, Yelp, and DoorDash

But my list of equipment details (above) was just a starting place. It could change based off our stakeholders needs. Information specific to a given piece of equipment may be needed. I was drawn to designs for system preferences. They display unique information while still being consistent.
Competitive analysis 2.png
(left to right) Apple, Slack, and Microsoft

Low-fidelity iterations

LoFi iteration 1

LoFi Iteration 1.png

LoFi iteration 2

LoFi iteration 1.png

LoFi iteration 3

LoFi iteration 2.png

Final solution

Squark is a mobile app that provides frontline workers with all the necessary information about a given piece of a equipment just by scanning its NFC tag or QR code.
Squark - Thumbnail.png

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